Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hot off the Presses: Guide to Representing Religious Organizations

The ABA Section of Business Law has published a great resource for religious organizations - such as churches, temples and synagogues, as well as other religious organizations - and their attorneys: the newly released Guide to Representing Religious Organizations.

The Guide to Representing Religious Organizations addresses critical issues and risk factors of concern for religious organizations ranging from formation and governance, to taxes, fundraising and employment issues, and property rights. It outlines the general requirements of applicable law and highlights areas in which religious organizations receive special consideration under the law. The Guide's topical discussions are well organized for ease of reference. This book will assist attorneys who are asked to represent religious organizations as well as provide general information for religious leaders faced with a legal challenge.

Lisa A. Runquist, principal at Runquist & Associates served as the book's executive editor, together with Jeannie Carmedelle Frey. Lisa is also the author of several chapters of this handy book, including: Constitutional Rights of Religious Organizations; Formation and Governance Structures of Religious Organizations; Tax Exemption and Taxation of Religious Organizations; and Special Tax and Other Considerations for Ministers and Other Employees of Religious Organizations. I co-authored a chapter with Lisa, Fundraising by Religious Organizations.

This book offers clear and practical guidance for attorneys and others who work with and for religious organizations.