Friday, May 14, 2010

IRS Cyber Assistant Program Delayed

The IRS has been developing a web-based software program called the Cyber Assistant. Honestly, it sounds cooler than it really is - that is, unless you are a 501(c)(3) geek like we are. In any case, this program is designed to help 501(c)(3) applicants file for exemption (Form 1023)as well as improve the quality and consistency of exemption applications.The program was scheduled to be rolled out this year, but the IRS recently announced that software testing has revealed some problems requiring correction prior to public launch, and so the release of the Cyber Assistant will be delayed beyond this calendar year. The IRS will continue to accept exemption applications using the existing processes and the current user fees will remain in effect for the 2010 calendar year.When the Cyber Assistant is released, the user fee will be reduced to $200 for applications filed using the program.

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